LAKLAK – A Small Pancake with Palm Sugar + Coconut Flakes As Toppings

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laklak small pancakesEbizza Culinary – Laklak is the most authentic pancake in Bali. It’s favorite and traditional pancake since kingdom era. Laklak cooked on the hot clay pan and use firewood stove. This Bali’s pancake made from rice flour and Sugih (Suji) leaf as natural coloring. The rice flour-based batter poured over the clay pan.

After a few minutes the bottom part become harder and the other part become soft. Laklak pancake served with coconut flakes as toppings and then the liquid palm sugar poured over the pancake. This Balinese pancake will be great if paired with hot coffee or hot tea.

You are going to eat the most authentic and favorite pancake in Bali.
Traditional and heritage pancake for hundreds years.

They still use firewood stove for cooking.
Even the pan made from the clay.

This pancake made from rice flour, coconut flakes, palm sugar, etc.
So it’s vegetarian and vegan friendly.

The pancake are homemade, tasty and fresh.
Unique taste and great experience.

IDR 5K per box (five pcs).

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