TRUNYAN CEMETERY – A Unique Cemetery in the Native Bali Village

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Ebizza Tour – Trunyan cemetery located in the Trunyan village on the west of mount Abang and on the eastern of Batur lake. This cemetery has unique in burial process. On the burial ritual they bring the dead body by a boat to the cemetery. Instead of burial or cremations, it just simply laid on the ground, covered with clothes, covered by bamboo cage (ancak) and decomposed. They also put the favorite stuff belong to the dead body such as clothes, plates, glasses, sandals, cigarettes, coins, etc.

Along the ‘weird’ burial procession women forbidden to join the process. Trunyan people believed if women join on the burial process, their village will have a disaster. Amazingly this burial process is not produce stinky smell, no flies nor maggots in the corpse body. Only married people and died in the normal way that able to join in this cemetery (Sema Wayah). For Trunyan people who died by accident or illness or suicide is forbidden to join in this cemetery. They have special place and named it as ‘Sema Batas’. For baby, children and unmarried people they have own cemetery and named as ‘Sema Muda’.

The Trunyan people believe that ‘Tarumenyan’ tree absorb the smells or neutralize the strong smells of the dead body. Tarumenyan consist of two words, Taru and Menyan. Taru means tree, Menyan means nice smell. This name also derivative to their village name. Tarumenyan —> Trunyan.

The Trunyan inscription founded in the main temple in Trunyan and show the dates in 833 Isaka years or 911 AD. But, the Trunyan village believed exist since megalithic era considering some megalithic stones founded in Trunyan village and the heritage megalithic culture itself. This reason believed that Trunyan people are the native bali people.

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